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"The Agate Crystal Potpourri #15 from Journey" by Oliver Gustav

"The Agate Crystal Potpourri #15 from Journey" by Oliver Gustav

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A luxurious vision of calming beauty. 
Agate, celebrated for centuries for its holistic properties, is believed to bring balance and harmony. Its gentle, nurturing energy to soothe, promoting well-being and inner strength.
The Journey by Oliver Gustav Agate Crystal is placed on a silvery metal stand, enhancing the stone’s captivating shapes and delicate, translucent hues. The fine addition of drops of the accompanying 
Howard essential oil will infuse your rooms with a soft sense of serenity and freshness.

Scent: “Howard" - Spring, Laundry, Soho

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The potpourri consists of: an Agate crystal, placed on a silvery metal stand and "Howard" essential oil (30 ml).

Pedestal dimensions: H 3 cm x w 12 x d 8 cm

The 30ml bottle of essential oil comes with the potpourri. Refill oils can be bought separately.

In Oliver Gustav’s creative sphere exists a wonderful and rare ensemble of colors, light, textures, and scents. His fascination with creating an immersive and holistic space has driven the development of our new fragrance collection.

Journey by Oliver Gustav potpourri, candles and atmosphère de chambre are now to be found in ten distinct and spellbinding scents.

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