Collection: MAVERICK LEE


Maverick Lee, a self-taught designer from Singapore first stepped onto the friendly shore of Bali, Indonesia nearly 30 years ago. Attracted by the creative energy of this artistic island and the raw material available to learn from and to experiment with, he knows this is home for him as the possibility to transform his visual into reality is attainable and will be boundless .

“When I look at a piece of raw material, I am looking at the transformation of that material and not at just the material itself. I am looking at the final destination of this raw material and the journey to get there excites me very much. When I arrive at the final destination and am able to see and touch the final product, the feeling is simply liberating and it heals.”

Maverick Lee creates objects that have personalities and characteristics of its own and at the same time brings a sense of warm and ease into a space without feeling superior to others.