Studio Oliver Gustav is the vison of Copenhagen-based designer, curator and antiques dealer, Oliver Gustav. Reconceptualising the historical museum building in his image, the simple facade tells you nothing of what you encounter once inside. Oliver's universe is one of timeless and beautifully honest simplicity, with a melancholic and undisturbed holiness. In addition to the range of scents and own line of furniture and limited objects that he develops with his own signature, his emphasis is also on cutting edge international design, rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities, all individually selected by him, espousing his values of sustainability and craftsmanship.

Oliver believes strongly in combining the old and the new - it is one of the defining characteristics of his style, as a designer and curator of spaces. Each piece is chosen from the heart with a desire to share his finds. Finds from all over the world that will inspire you to far away places.

Oliver's work has taken him around the world, and he has spent the last 15 years creating a portfolio that excused such sense of playfulness, warmth and contemporary stortelling that many can't classifv his design stvle as anything other than his own. Today, he looks to Studio Oliver Gustav to create a multi-faceted approach to design and interior that will hold a hypnotic sway over you in a vividly sensorial, richly monochromatic, and tactile trance. And engulfed in spellbinding contemplation, Oliver invites you on a journey through art, travel, and discovery and celebrates the perfect tension between it all.