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Scent Samples

Scent Samples

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Discover the Journey by Oliver Gustav home fragrance with these luxurious samples consisting of Icelandic lava stones.

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Journey by Oliver Gustav home fragrance is now to be found in nine distinct and spellbinding scents:

Ash: Cloudy  Saffron  Spicy.

Saffron, saffron, saffron! A rejuvenating orange-yellow oasis of aromatic fields amongst the sandy landscapes of the East. Solid remnants of fiery ash and pronounced Iris tones.

O’Hara: Rose  Dusty  Incense.

An intensely green bouquet of sophisticated white O’Hara roses dominates this scent. Both fresh and sensuous it may lead your imagination to a lady’s boudoir of old with its overwhelming flowery presence and heady, dusty powders

Ma’at: Mysterious Egypt Soil.

A warm mélange of sunbaked wood and fertile black soil to bring you back to ancient Egypt. Indulge your senses and follow the fragrance through its enigmatic maze to the ritualistic banks of the river Nile.

OMMXXI: Tabac  Powerful  Violet.

Luscious wild beds of violet with notes of perfectly weathered leather and hazy tabac. Intoxicating and forceful this scent reverberates Virgilian words of boldness.

10013: New York  Factory  Wood.

Historic images of cast-iron architecture and incense of burnt cedar. Named after and inspired by New York City this dulcet scent breathes the rich artistry of the SoHo neighborhood with its cosmopolitan old-factory vibe.

Volubilis: Morocco  Mist  Ruins.

Moroccan mint and the airy aroma of clean, sunbathed linens. This scent invokes travels to the picturesque hills of ancient Volubilis draped in fresh green mint and intense oleander.

Olympia: Green Ficus Rain.

The softness of dusk after warm rainy showers. The gentle trace of pine and cedar. The passion of patchouli. Enveloping and delightful this scent leaves you dreaming in the clear, green leafy glade of an ancient fig grove.

Eos: Geranium Morning Mist.

Follow in the weightless footsteps of the Goddess of Dawn on her early misty morning journey through the Aegean islands. With ease Eos will lead you along the freshness of burgeoning blossoms of Geranium through a fine sting of black pepper to the pleasing balsamic of amber.

Sol: Rugosa  Summer  Salt.

With its heart of Rugosa rose this scent and its Danish name for “sun” brings to mind Northern island summers full of light and salty sunbaked cliffs. This is childhood memories of climbing mossy rocks and handfuls of sumptuous black summer berries bottled.

Howard: Spring  Laundry  SoHo.

A lovely reminiscence of Howard street. With its clean spell ofbergamot set offdelicately against the sweetness oflily ofthe valley and rounded by aromatic sandalwood this deliciously fresh scent brings to mind days ofvibrant spring in New York City.

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