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"Fine Silver Vessel" by Peter Bauhuis

"Fine Silver Vessel" by Peter Bauhuis

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Beautiful sculptural vessel by the German artist Peter Bauhuis. The vessel is one of a kind and cast in fine silver.

Photo 1 shows the vessel oxidised/with patina.

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Weight: 1050 grams

Dimensions: H 18 cm x dia. 11,5 cm

Peter Bauhuis’s vessels are intimate in scale, muted in color, and pearlescent in patina. He works in precious metals, and embraces the same mistakes that many designers seek to erase. Fine fissures and surface blistering, both natural byproducts of lost wax casting, become central features of his works, many of which look like oxidized pieces of organic matter—beans, pods, small rocks. Bauhuis celebrates his material by retaining the accidents that others might not.

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