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"Brain, V2" by Michael Sailstorfer

"Brain, V2" by Michael Sailstorfer

"Brain, V2" is part of the exhibition BRAINWASHED by Michael Sailstorfer.

The term BRAINWASHED usually refers to a process involving influence and manipulation. One brain washes the other. One person, or instance, tries to control another's will, to reshape it, until the person concerned is no longer capable of any autonomous action.

Sold courtesy of Avlskarl Gallery.

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Dimensions (cm/inches):

H 52 cm x W 28 cm x D 25

Material: Bronze

In his BRAINWASHED exhibition, Michael Sailstorfer, who is one of the most important sculptors and conceptual artists of his generation, explores mutual influences, playfully subverts them and raises questions about the emergence of elementary actions, of activity and passivity, and ultimately also of freedom and determination. Sailstorfer is concerned with the blurring of sculpture's boundaries in time - through the process, transformation and movement. 

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