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Die Hamletmaschine by Gregor Hildebrandt

Die Hamletmaschine by Gregor Hildebrandt

"Die Hamletmaschine" (2016) by German artist Gregor Hildebrandt is an artwork consisting of cassette tape spools and acrylic mounted on canvas.

Hildebrandt’s signature media is cassette tapes and vinyl, which he collages and assembles into apparently minimalist yet latently romantic paintings, sculptures and installations. Resting in silence behind the glossy surface of his analog aesthetics, which verges on black and white monochrome, music and cinema haunt his practice. Whether pictorial or sculptural, all of his works contain prerecorded materials, which he references in the titles.

Courtesy of Avlskarl Gallery.

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Dimensions (cm/inches):

L 154 cm x H 240 cm x D 4 cm

L 60,6“ x H 94,5“ x D 1,5 inches

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