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"10013" Scented Candle in Iron Vessel

"10013" Scented Candle in Iron Vessel

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The 10013 Scented Candle from Journey by Oliver Gustav.

Historic images of cast-iron architecture and incense of burnt cedar. Named after and inspired by New York City this dulcet scent breathes the rich artistry of the SoHo neighbourhood with its cosmopolitan old-factory vibe.

10013: New York, factory, wood


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The candle comes in a “rusty” iron vessel with a lid. Dimensions: H 14,5 cm x Ø 8 cm The collection of luxury scented candles from Journey by Oliver Gustav are all made of 100% vegetal wax with perfume and has an approximate burn time of 75 hours. In Oliver Gustav’s creative sphere exists a wonderful and rare ensemble of colors, light, textures, and scents. His fascination with creating an immersive and holistic space has driven the development of our new fragrance collection. Journey by Oliver Gustav potpourri, candles and atmosphère de chambre are now to be found in nine distinct and spellbinding scents. How to get the best use of your candle: Each time you light your scented candle from Journey by Oliver Gustav please allow the entire surface to melt, all the way out to the glass, before extinguishing it. This should take approximately 30-40 minutes and should be sufficient for the scent to fill the room. This will insure an even burn going forward and will have your candle last for a long time.

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