Seated Marble Dog

Sculptural fragment of seated marble dog (Roman 1st to 2nd Century AD) w/certificate.

Dimensions (cm/inches):

H 46 cm x W 18,5 x D 23 cm H 5.7” x Ø 7.9”

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14th century Buddha sculpture

A buff sandstone Buddha torso mounted on a wooden pedestal. Thailand, 14th century. From a Danish collection.

Dimensions (cm/inches):

H 63 cm x W 26 x D 16 cm, total height 91 cm // H 24” x W 10.25” x D 6.3”, total height 35”

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batu kenong ancient stone

Batu Kenong Stone

The sculptural Batu Kenongs stone is a type of megalith. The stones became prevalent sometime between the Neolith and early Iron Ages as megalith culture spread to Indonesia. From Bali, Indonesia.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 65 x D 35 x L 25 cm // H 25.6″ x D 13.7″ x W 9.8″

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Bambara mask on a new stand

Bambara Mask

Bambara mask from Mali representing a hyena. The style is archaic, naïve. The wood is dense and well patinated. This is a co-called “wild” piece from around 1930.

Dimensions (cm/inches): Total H 45, heigh of mask 27 x W 18 x D 18 cm
Total H 17.7”, height of mask 10.6” x W 7” x D 7”

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Old Tribal Power Object

An old Power Object by the FON tribe from the Benin region (Nigeria) with horns of either ram or goat.

Dimensions (cm/inches):

H 42,5 x W 27 x D 11,5 cm /
H 16.7” x W 10.7” x D 4.5”


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