Wall hung steel cabinet by Oliver Gustav

Steel Wall Cabinet

Large wall hung cabinet in polished steel by Oliver Gustav. The piece is produced in Denmark.
Dimensions (cm/inches): H 190 cm x W 80 cm x D 30 cm // H 74 “ x W 31 “ x D 12”

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Antique Asian Chest

Beautiful antique wooden chest from Asia. The chest is made of oak wood and can be used as a table or for storage.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 64 x L 94 x D 59 cm // H 25” x L 37 “ x D 23.25”

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Steel cabinet by jean nouvel

Swiveling Cabinet by Jean Nouvel

Enameled steel cabinet designed by Jean Nouvel in 1994 for the Foundation Cartier in Paris. The cabinet can be turned 360 degrees and has storage on two sides.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 192 x W 60 x D 80,5 cm // H 75.5 “x W 23.6 “x D 31.7 “


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Antique dresser in wood from asia

Antique Asian Dresser

Antique asian dresser in elm wood with beautiful patina. The dresser previously had doors in the top part of the table but has been remodeled for modern use.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 78 x W 52 x L 118 cm // H 30.7” x W 20.5“ x L 46.5”

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Shelfs in aluminum designed by Studio Oliver Gustav

Aluminum Shelf by Oliver Gustav

Aluminum shelf designed by Studio Oliver Gustav, handmade in Denmark. The shelf is a seamlessly crafted, open rectangular box allowing for items to be placed on top of or inside the shelf. This also makes the shelf ideal as a night stand.

Dimensions: H 12 x W 57 x D 44 cm
Depth of shelf space: 22 cm

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