Antique Asian Trunk #5

Antique elm wood trunk from 18th century China. The trunk can be opened at the top and used for storage. This unique piece is perfectly suitable as a side table or nightstand.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 54 x L 56,5 x D 52cm // H 21.2“ x W 22.2“ x D 20.5“

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antique Asian trunk and side table in oak wood

Antique Asian Trunk #10

Beautiful antique wooden trunk from Asia. The trunk has originally used as a rice box and is crafted in oak wood. The trunk is to be used as a side table and the lid can be opened for storage within the table.

Dimensions (cm/inches): H 53,5 x W 50 x D 49 cm // H 21” x W 19.6 “ x D 19.3”inches

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