Danish artist Ursula Nistrup represented by Studio Oliver Gustav

Ursula Nistrup

Artist Ursula Nistrup is an explorer of the fascinating worlds that materials can unfold. Whether she works with silk, ceramics or porcelain, her work combines a beautiful physical presence of shapes and textures with horizons that open onto the boundless realm of the imagination. Her explorations are guided by an idea-based approach and inspirations from the wonders of the natural world, the strange visions of science fiction literature, the age-old craft of folk cultures and the abstract energies of music and sounds.The silk objects are realized in collaboration with designer Lotte Henriksen.

Ursula nistrup and lotte henriksen silk art work at studio oliver gustav

Wall piece (G) by Ursula Nistrup and Lotte Henriksen

Beautiful sculptural piece in silk (G) that can be mounted on the wall, made by Ursula Nistrup and Lotte Henriksen.
Dimensions: H 82 x W 32 x D 13 cm


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