Belgian interior designer Michael Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden is a Belgian designer (b. 1978) with a worldwide reputation. He designs and produces a range of housewares, together with his wife, Saartje Vereecke, which fall midway between daily utensils and art objects. The collection features minimalist furniture, leather baskets, marble trays and decorative bronze objects.

Large Travertine Y-Vase by designer Michael Verheyden

Y-Vase in Travertine

Unique large Y-vase carved in travertine marble by designer, Michaël Verheyden.

H 38 cm x Ø 20 cm (outer) x Ø 13,5 (inner)

Kando Vase carved in stone by designer Michael Verheyden

Kando Vase

Kando vase carved in the natural stone Pietra di Vicenza by designer Michaël Verheyden.

H 26 cm x Ø 25 cm (outer) x Ø 3,2 cm (inner)

Travertine Lamp by Michaël Verheyden

Lampbase: H 39 x Ø 23cm
Lampshade: H 38x Ø 35 x Ø 55 cm

Please note that there is a 6-8 week lead time on this item.

Vase in alabaster by designer Michael Verheyden

Alabaster Vase by Michaël Verheyden

Vase made in alabaster. Comes in three pieces

Dimensions: H 36 x Ø 17 cm

Available in our Copenhagen Studio and in our web boutique