Kaare Golles

Kaare Golles (b. 1985) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2014 he graduated from Malmö Art Academy, Master of Fine Art, Malmö, Sweden. Golles is first and foremost a sculptor but works in such media as installation and painting as well. His practice revolves around the fragmentation of the human figure in relation to the human condition in contemporary times, manifested in his ongoing repetition of motives such as the night, black, soil, ashes, stone, ruins and body parts. Consistently, the works avoid any sentimental aspirations for reconciliation with a world and imagery that rarely escapes extensive, inhuman barbarism.

Bronze Head by Kaare Golles

Black patinated bronze head by Kaare Golles.
Dimensions: H 30 x Ø 20 cm
Made in an edition of 4.

This item is available in our Copenhagen studio.

“Begot (12316)” 2016 by Kaare Golles

“Begot (12316)” 2016 by Danish artist Kaare Golles in patinated casted lead.

Dimensions: L 24 x  W 19 x H 13 cm

Available in our copenhagen studio.

“Begot (23517B)” 2017 by Kaare Golles

“Begot (23517B)” 2017 by the Danish artist Kaare Golles made in patinated casted lead.

Dimensions: L 28 cm x W 10 cm X H 12 cm

Available in our Copenhagen Studio